About Us

In Bayt El Arabi our mission is to teach Arabic in an interactive and innovative way and in reasonable time in order to make you mingle in the society as soon as possible, sparing you from learning non-useful information that might be available in books but never used in daily life.

Our vision is Arabic for all.

Our  strategies are to:

  1. Hire multilingual instructors with skills to teach innovatively.
  2. Implement interactive teaching techniques.
  3. Use new teaching tools.

We offer Classes for Lebanese colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. However, we believe that even if your interest is limited to colloquial Arabic for communication issues, it is advisable that you familiarize with the Arabic characters which is why, in our colloquial Arabic classes, we combined both colloquial and MSA with an emphasis on vocabulary and conversation.

Types of classes offered at our school:

  1. Private tutoring.
  2. Group classes.
  3. Conversation classes.
  4. Skype classes.