Types of classes offered at our school:

  1. Private tutoring.
  2. Group classes.
  3. Conversation.
  4. Skype classes.

Levels and Syllabi:

Beginners: Two levels

A1: Starting from zero, you will be working on both your writing and your speaking skills.

Achieved goals at the end of the session:

  • Writing level: Write all the letters of the alphabet and connect them to obtain words, recognize the short vowels and the meanings.
  • Reading level: read all the letters of the alphabet along with simple words.
  • Speaking level: introduce yourself and others, ask and answer simple questions, tell the time, distinguish between feminine and masculine, recognize and use simple verbs.
  • Listening level: At this level you will be able to recognize what you’ve learned in class only.

At the end of the 5 weeks session, you will be able to write and read in Arabic.


  • Writing level: Write words and simple sentences
  • Reading level: read everything in the book.
  • Grammar: at this level, grammar is introduced; you will conjugate verbs, form adjectives, use pronouns…
  • Speaking level: start using conjugated verbs in your conversation and familiarize with new vocabulary related to daily life.
  • Listening level: Understand the general topic of any simple conversation.


At the end of the 5 weeks session, you will be able to write and read in Arabic.


Intermediate: Three levels




  • Writing level:
  • Reading level:
  • Speaking level:
  • Listening level:


Users can refashion and combine learned material to meet their immediate communication and learning needs.  They can comprehend information on familiar topics in contextualized settings and produce sustained conversation with others on an expanding variety of general topics.


Intermediate: 3 levels

Users learn the Arabic alphabet.  They will learn to use the letters in different “Word Positions”.  They can also read and understand words and short sentences.


Advanced: 3 levels

Users learn Verb conjugation in all tenses.  They can read and write paragraphs covering all conversational situations learnt in levels 1 – 4.


Conversation: 3 levels


Users have full command of the language, and thus, can understand and use all grammatical structures as well as a range of vocabulary items as broad and deep as that of most educated native speakers.

Users specialize in Arabic and Islamic Literature and poetry

Our textbooks:

At Bayt el Arabi, we have created our own textbooks that contain condensed yet useful information.  They include rich vocabulary along with lots of keywords, exercises and useful daily life information.  Our textbooks are available in English, French and Arabic.

I would like to add a picture of each textbook along with a small description



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